Size Guide

If you ask any professional goalkeeper about how they like their gloves to fit, you'll get many different answers. We believe its really a personal thing. Some prefer their gloves to fit a little snug while others prefer them to fit a tad looser. We can answer any questions you may have in regards to our sizing but first check out the little sizing guide we've made for you to have a better idea of how our gloves will fit on your hands. 

If your not sure of what glove size your are, the best way to measure your hand is to measure the circumference of your hand below the knuckles, excluding your thumb. (Measure in inches) Go ahead and write that number down before you forget.

Ok now that you've done that, round that number to the nearest whole number. (For Example: 7.1" to 7.4" = 7" and 7.5" to 7.9" = 8"). Now write that new number down too.

Lastly add 1 to your number (For Example your rounded whole number was 8, so 8+1=9) Last time, we promise, write this new number down because this number is your ideal glove size!

Now remember some of you have thinner or wider palms and short or longer fingers so you're going to want to take that into some consideration too.

Also to take into consideration is if the gloves have Finger Savers or not. Finger Savers tend to make the gloves feel a little tighter so its not uncommon to see goalkeepers buy 1 size up when buying finger save models. 

Now remember this is JUST a guide and no 2 hands are made the same. Note keepaere gloves do match up in sizes fairly similar to the BIG brands. So if your happy with a size 9 in brand X you're likely to be happy with a size 9 in keepaere.

             GLOVE SIZE          
0-1" Size 2
1-2" Size 3
 2-3" Size 4
3-4" Size 5
4-5" Size 6
5-6" Size 7
6-7" Size 8
7-8" Size 9
8-9" Size 10
  9-10"  Size 11