Keepaere Mid Calf Grip Socks

$14.99 USD $19.99 USD

GRIP Circular Anti Slip Gel Nodes on the outside of the sole helps prevent in boot slippage

MATERIAL 62% Cotton / 32% Nylon / 4% Spandex / 2% Polyester

THICKNESS Thin with cushioned sole and breathable mesh 

SIZING Mens Large - Recommended US Size 8 - 11

FEATURES Like all our products, we believe simple is more. Our new Keepaere Grip Socks are just that. The tiny circular gel nodes allow for maximum gripping surface and flexibilty without feeling too bulky or intrusive. 

With Keepaere's new grip socks you can now match your sock brand to your glove brand, which clearly is one of the most important parts of your goalkeeper gear! They also do a nice job of keeping your feet from slipping in your boots. 

The recommended size is US Mens size 8 - 11, but if you don’t mind them a bit tight, they can stretch to a size 12 foot. (More sizes coming soon)


Machine wash with like colours in cold water / Do not wash for more than 1 hour / Do not bleach / Do not iron / Do not dry clean / Tumble Dry on low 

***Note we cannot refund any socks that have been warn