$74.99 USD

CUT  Box Roll Finger Hybrid Palm – Latex wraps right around your finger tips expanding mid finger into a Flat Palm Cut giving you maximum gripping surface up top with increased flexibility mid finger with the flat cut

PALM 3.5MM Contact Latex 

INSIDE PALM  Anti Slip Gel on the inside of the palm helps guide the movements of the palm with the natural movements of your fingers

BACKHAND 3MM Latex covers the fingers and knuckles. Perforated SBR Neoprene covers the rest of the backhand right down to the wrist opening

WRIST BAND The perforated SBR Neoprene extends from the backhand all the way to the wrist of the glove as one piece with an elastic opening on bottom of the wrist. An Extra Thick German Latex wrist strap also acts as an extended palm providing additional gripping surface

RECOMMENDED Games and High Level Training

CONDITIONS Wet/Dry - Soft Grounds 

FEATURES Keepaere's Latest MODA has all the great features of the original 2 Moda versions, but has been updated to a very comfortable 1 piece backhand. It combines clean aesthetics with high end performance. A fit like not other glove we offer, the MODA utilizes the best of two cuts with a hybrid combination of a comfortable box style roll cut finger tip expanding mid finger into the more traditional and flexible flat palm

The 3.5mm Contact Latex offers you optimal grip in Wet and Dry Conditions, durability while also providing both great shock absorption and a feel of the ball

With the Anti Slip Gel on the inside of the palm, the fingers of the gloves move in a more natural motion helping to keep maximum latex gripping surface behind the ball

The new Perforated SBR Neoprene backhand allows for great flexibility and comfort around the wrist while at the same time allowing for great breathability

Embossed Latex foam on the fingers over the knuckles make it easy for your fingers to naturally contour while catching the ball

The Extra Thick Adjustment Strap allows you to customize how you want your glove to fit around your wrist and is made of top end German Latex which aids in your overall gripping surface over your wrists


***Note, White Latex / Materials do not come out as bright as shown in website pictures