$64.99 USD

CUT Roll Finger Palm – Latex wraps right around your fingers for a snugger fit and maximum gripping surface

PALM 3.5MM Contact Latex 

EXTENDED PALM The Contact Latex extends fully to cover the wrist allowing for an increased gripping surface

BACKHAND 3MM Latex with Keep"Air" Mesh just above the wrist 

WRIST BAND Elastic Wrist Band one piece Latex Strap, Velcro Closure and Rubber Grab Tab

RECOMMENDED Professional and Elite Keepers 

CONDITIONS Wet/Dry - Soft Grounds 


-Keepaere's BOSS Glove was designed with and for our Pro Keepers! They are not fancy, but once you try them you'll understand why they are the game glove choice for many of our Pro Team. 

-The 3.5mm Contact Latex is our top end latex and offers you optimal grip in Wet and Dry Conditions while also providing both great shock absorption and a feel of the ball. Its so sticky that each glove comes with a protective plastic layer to keep the palms from sticking together - Just don't forget to peel off the plastic before using them! 

-Extended Palms increase your overall gripping surface right down to your wrists

-The large Keep"Air" mesh pocket on the backhand allows for great flexibility and comfort around the wrist while at the same time allowing your hand to breathe

-Embossed foam on the fingers over the knuckles as well as on the thumb make it easy for your fingers to naturally contour while catching the ball

-The one piece Latex Adjustment Strap offers you a secure and consistent feel around your wrist. The large Rubber Grab Tab allows you to open and close the straps without having to touch the Velcro with the latex finger tips