Glove Care

All NEW Gloves should be rinsed in warm water before their first use. This will eliminate any soap remains that were used in the production process.

In order to make your gloves last longer, you should always wash them after every use. The simplest way to wash your gloves is in the sink with warm water. It is recomended to put one glove on at a time while rinsing it under a running tap while rubing out any dirt, sand and various elements with the other hand. Take the glove off and squeeze out the excess water until the latex palms are as clean as possible.

Once you have finished rinsing out the excess water simply hang your gloves up to dry at standard room temperature.

Please AVOID putting your Gloves into the washing machine or dryer as this will severly shorten the life span of the latex.

Regular washing of your gloves will give the latex palms a longer life span as well as a keep the grip of the latex at its optimal performance.

Please note that Gloves are a wear and tear product and even the most expensive pair of Gloves are going to wear out. In fact it is common that better gloves typically have thinner latex palms (allowing for a better feel) therefore resulting in shorter life spans. highly recommends that you always have a minimum of 2 pairs of Gloves. One pair for training (and even game day warmups) and your Game Day Gloves. Your practice gloves can either be an old pair of game gloves, or simply a less expensive more durable glove.